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A common question for most business owners or people looking to get a Business Valuation is why use a Business Valuer when they can get a valuation from their Accountant. With all respect to the many highly trained and qualified Accountants in Australia, the simple fact is they just don’t know the market.

A business valuation will take into consideration previous sales history or similar business where the information is readily available. As business brokers along with being business valuers, the team at WA Business Sales & Valuations have in-depth knowledge of the current market conditions and demand for certain businesses. This can also be a huge benefit if you are looking to improve the saleability of your business.

We specialise in Business Valuations for:

  • Partnership Settlements
  • Divorce / Marriage seperation
  • Asset Restructure
  • Pre-Sale Valuations

You may be thinking what is the difference between an appraisal of my business value from a local broker and a formal business valuation. The difference is a substantial one and it ultimately comes down to what you are looking to achieve?

If you just want to know what your business is possibly worth in the current market then any good, experienced broker should be able to tell you this. Generally you will be given a price range estimate as the market conditions can sometimes vary. You will find this may be free of charge for a simplistic look to a more detailed appraisal which may cost up to $1,000. These costs are often refunded if you eventually list your business with that broker.

In certain circumstances, whereby you need a valuation to show detailed workings and understandings of your business for the process of any of the above the it is likely you will require a formal business valuation. All of our valuations are insured and prepared to International Valuations Standards, and as such will be suitable for most purposes (with the exception of bank lending). Given the attention to detail in a formal valuation, which may be anywhere from 8 pages up to 50 or 60 pages in total size you will be looking at a cost of anywhere between $3,500 and $12,000.

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